Author of Young Adult Mystery and Suspense novels—

with a healthy dose of drama and dry wit thrown in for good measure! Hello! And welcome! As you already know, my name is Ellen. I'm an author who hails from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Pride Be Damned: The Toby Garrison Chronicles—Book One is my first published novel, and I'm so happy to announce that as of May 21st, 2018, it has received eleven 5-star reviews PLUS a Readers' Favourite 5-star review!




















A Little Bit About Me . . .


My books tend to have a mixture of drama, suspense, action, and humour woven throughout their pages. I love writing about family dynamics, especially fathers and sons, uncles and nephews, and brothers. I have no idea why; it just seems to be part of my DNA. lol All of my stories are also clean reads. No cursing, sex, or gratuitous violence. And I love to write strong characters—whether they be male or female, young or old—each with an undeniably vulnerable side and hidden insecurities.


Just like there are two sides to every coin, there are multiple sides to every human being.



I don't believe a book can have suspense and action without at least some violence but it's all in how that violence is described. I strive to write drama without the 'melo'. Fair warning, my humour contains a lot of dry wit but it's owned within the story in that one or more character usually rolls his/her eyes or the character doling out said wit acknowledges their atypical sense of humour quite readily.



I sometimes write romance but it's typically a subplot as opposed to a genre.



My inspiration for writing came from Dean Koontz. My writing journey started with graduating from the screen-writing program at Vancouver Film School (British Columbia, Canada), a skill I continue to use to this day, but I eventually circled back around to my original passion for writing books. I can only hope and pray that my books will someday be worthy to be set on the shelf next to the likes of Fear Nothing, Seize the Night, and everything Odd Thomas because it will be at that time that my dream has truly been realized!



‘Pride Be Damned: The Toby Garrison Chronicles—Book One’ is my first published novel and is currently free (at Smashwords and most major online retailers) in anticipation of the September 1st release of the second book in the series, 'Good Samaritan', which is available for Pre-Order now  (also at Smashwords and most major online retailers)!

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